Period Decor With Antique Lighting
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 Period Decor With Antique Lighting

 Period Decor With Antique Lighting

Some things in life are so well designed and attractive that it seems pointless to change them for the sake of change. Take for example the kettle I just bought. It is so modern bollard lights

 'designer' that I cannot get the thing to work. It was hard enough choosing a kettle at the electrical store amongst the huge range of different designs when all I wanted was a simple standard functioning kettle preferably with a whistle.

The same can be said about all man made objects and it sometimes seems changes are made to designs simply because there are too many designers about the place trying to justify their salaries and positions in manufacturing companies.

A classic example is electric lighting. How many home owners go to an awful lot of expense and care to get the decor of their homes just the way they want it and then ruin it all by having a boring single bulb with a dull lampshade hanging from the center of the ceiling?

For inspiration, take a look at antique lighting and you will quickly realize that over a hundred years and more ago, the Edwardians and Victorians had a great deal more style than many modern lamp fittings.

Original Victorian street lights were never dull and a simple conversion to electricity means many of these splendid architectural delights still light up the centers of many cities in Britain and around the world.

The lamplighter of Victorian times is so evocative of that period that many writers and poets alluded to him and their work. Robert Louis Stephenson wrote a poem about the child in bed watching the Lamplighter outside his window lighting up the street light.

Here in the twenty first century, thankfully, there are some people who not only appreciate the style and attractiveness of Edwardian and Victoriana, but they actively promote the products for others to enjoy. Faithful reproductions of old antique lighting are available. If you are very lucky you might even find the original antique.

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